Timing of installation

Stringers are secured to the house structure and it is desirable that connecting hardware stays hidden.

Wall supported stairs may need wall reinforcement thus wall supported stair structures should be installed before the wall finish is installed.

When stair stringers are secured to the floor or fascia they need anchoring flanges. To have anchoring flanges hidden, the stair metal structure should be installed before the floors are finished. We sink the flanges into the subfloor to allow the finished floor run over them.

The stair metal structure is typically built and installed in 4-6 weeks from time of order and it may be used as a construction staircase. Depending on the design most of the structure will be covered with a finishing material later. If a staircase is going to be used before a permanent guard is installed, we will erect temporary stair guards. We will provide a protection cover for parts that will remain visible but can not guarantee that they will not be carelessly damaged. Except for cases of gross over abuse we will come at the end of the project and touch up the visible parts.

Wood stair parts, glass guards and handrails are preferably installed at the end of construction. We require a minimum of 6 weeks notice for installation of wood, glass and handrails.