Frameless Glass Guards

The building code mandates that stairs and floor openings require a guard or safety barrier to prevent falls and injuries.
To allow for a minimalist design and maximum transparency floating stairs are best complemented with frameless glass guards.

Our patented glass hardware allows us to perfectly line up glass panels. Glass is secured directly to the metal stair skeleton for enhanced strength.

The minimum required thickness for a glass guard is ½”. Safety glass, tempered or laminated, must be used per the building code.

Most often regular clear glass is used. It has a slight green tint that is more noticeable at the glass edges. Extra clear glass with crystal clear edges is available. Extra clear glass is also known as star fire glass or low iron glass. Acid etched glass offers a translucent appearance which obscures the view while maintaining a high level of light transmittance. Transmission of light may also be reduced by using tinted glass.

We make both indoor and outdoor frameless glass guards including pool fences.